Bye Bye Stockholm, Sweden


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Sickla Kaj, Stockholm

It is time to say Good bye…to the cool and beautiful place ”Stockholm.” I had a great time here which I will be taking with me in the form of memories, back to my home- India. Being for almost two years in this peaceful place; I have learnt many good things. The best of all is – I got deeper with myself and spirituality, with the grace of my Master ”Anandmurti Gurumaa.” The peace and natural beauty of this place made the best experiences possible for me.

The above picture is my favorite and most visited place in Stockholm. It is hardly, 1 km away from the place we resided. It has magical power that takes you to your world of dreams. The time spent here, either in solace or in company rushes off very soon. The other places in and around Stockholm that truly define nature are – Hagaparken, Hasselby Strand and Stockholm Archipelago to name a few. The city that sits on 14 islands would undoubtedly be surrounded by blue water and pickled with park lands and lake shore beaches. Hence, it makes its every visitor fall in love with nature.

Yes! It is difficult to depart from here. But you have to move on with life and time; anywhere it takes. So I too have to return back to India – again the blissful place. It is true, that we should be happy wherever we reside. As every place is God’s place, Yet he the supreme has gifted every place with its unique specialty. And Stockholm’s specialty is peace and natural beauty that brings out creation from peace loving creatures.